SZA Is On Another Planet with "Saturn"

Ben Wego

Queen SZA is back with her first single release since her album “SOS” in 2022. The song is entitled “Saturn” and was previewed with a special pre-recorded performance during the 2024 Grammy awards. 

The single’s cover design is reminiscent of the cover of “Love Galore,” possibly signifying a resurgence of her album CTRL’s influence on her upcoming releases. SZA always delivers with diaristic lyricism, and on this track she delves into the repetitive cycle of her failed love interests and her low points in life that become tiresome. Wishing that she could move to another universe, hence the song’s title being “Saturn”. 

SZA’s grappling of her own existentialism comes forth in lyrics like, “Stuck in this paradigm / Don't believe in paradise / This must be what Hell is like / There's got to be more, got to be more.” SZA’s vulnerable and insightful lyrics, paired with her ethereal vocals, create an earth bending blend for listeners. Her descriptions of craving an alternate reality are effortlessly empathetic, and her melodies are consistently flawless. 

SZA’s impact on alternative R&B is astounding, and she proves herself time and time again as one of the greats in the genre. She’s created her own world of genre bending sounds that has influenced so many artists, and she’s pinpointed the exact frustrations of our generation simply through her thought provoking lyrics.

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