Find Some Comfort in Comfort Club's New Track "Ok on My Own"

Audrey Brandes

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, indie pop artist Comfort Club dropped “Ok on My Own,” a laid-back song about the pain of a breakup, but the eventual acceptance and self-love that results in the aftermath. The song itself is an epiphany, as he sings, “I’m missing you, but I know that I’ll be okay on my own.”

With surf-rock-style guitars, soft drum beats, and groovy riffs, Comfort Club delivers a track that feels melancholy yet upbeat and hopeful. It’s a song you’d hear at the end of a coming-of-age film, wherein the main character has their final realization and learns to be comfortable with themselves. Walking coolly through the streets, a spring in their step, a sense of loss in the air, but a feeling of serenity nonetheless. And when you listen to this song, you feel like the main character.

Comfort Club’s pseudonym is a perfect one – his music is like a warm hug while letting you wallow in your sorrow, but somehow you know it’s going to be okay. The growing artist crafts all of his tunes in his bedroom and that’s exactly the vibe they evoke – in the best way possible. They’re simplistic, beautiful, and utterly authentic. If Valentine’s Day had you in your feelings, turn to Comfort Club’s “Ok on My Own.” And even if you’re cuffed, this track is still worth a listen.

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