Artist Collaborations That Need to Happen in 2022

Perry Avgerinos

As a music lover, one of the most exciting aspects of being a fan of an artist, is when two (or more) of your favorite artists work together on a song. Sometimes, the collaborations you want to happen the most do end up coming to fruition – but sometimes they don't. Today, I dissect five collaborations that I want to see happen in 2022, and why I believe a couple on this list may be coming sooner than we think.

1. Jack Harlow and Drake

Jack Harlow Drake Collaboration Sheesh Media

Ok, so this is probably the most anticipated potential collab on my list and that is why I am kicking my list off with it first. For you Harlow fans, you may have seen the clip on YouTube or on social media from the “Big Facts” podcast, where Jack Harlow in this interview mentioned Champagne Papi as one of his dream collaborators; along with Eminem, 3 Stacks, Lil Wayne, and HOV. He then mentioned “Out of the five I’ve listed, I’ve talked to three, worked with one, about to work with the second one.” Speculation on it being Drake was further confirmed when the interviewer suggested Drake, to which Jack replied, “Just hold on.”

Besides this recent video and story Drake posted of Harlow in Drake’s kitchen as some solid grounds to believe this collaboration has happened (or will happen), let’s just pause for a second to imagine how magical this song could be. I’d imagine the track would be a RnB / hip-hop blend to cater to both artists, with Drake handling the chorus, which would instantly become the internet’s new Instagram caption. Then, Jack would lay his sensual “Luv Is Dro” style bars on the first verse, with his elevated new confidence level seen in “Industry Baby,” to which Drake would cap it off in the second verse, creating an instant number-one-charting single. The world needs this collaboration, trust me.

2. The Kid LAROI and Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike The Kid LAROI Collaboration Sheesh Media

Two of my favorite and most streamed artists of 2021, who happen to also be friends in real life. Although these two don’t have an official release out together, the fact is, these two actually have collaborated before. Last year, a song leaked from LAROI and Fike that has yet to be released, and just as you would suspect, it sounds fire. Dominic Fike already has one of the most unique styles in all of music, and many people forget or just didn’t know that Dom started as a rapper, so you can’t sleep on his ability to match LAROI’s flows and bars in his verses. The Kid LAROI is continuing to show his range and diversity with his insane vocal tone after his mega hit “Stay,” and this leaked track is the blend I was hoping for. Maybe this track will land on Fike's or LAROI's upcoming 2022 albums, or perhaps a different collaboration between the two. Either way, I want it – badly – and I feel it happening in 2022.

3. 347aidan and Deb Never

347aidan Deb Never Collaboration Sheesh Media

This may be a hot take, but 347aidan and Deb Never could be brother and sister in terms of their artistry. For starters, their visual aesthetic is very similar – not only does their cover artwork and visuals hold an almost identical motif, but they also both have blue hair. Sonically, they both have a darker/melancholic undertone to their singing style, with grounded hip-hop roots, although often both veering left from that genre as a whole. As Deb shows on “Red Eye,” she can both sing earmworm hooks hitting a smoother cadence, but also lay down flows perfect for trap drums, which would complement 347aidan’s chanty vocals and flows as seen in “IDWK” or “MEMORIES!.” These two are both quickly rising, in individualistic lanes of their own, furthering my argument that this collaboration would be special.

4. Verzache and Remi Wolf

Verzache Remi Wolf Collaboration Sheesh Media

Ahh number four.. two of the quirkiest personalities in music that I can’t get enough of. This collaboration could be the most unique blend of energy on this list. With Verzache’s sonic style tending to be more chill, with intricacies in his production style that fuse indie, alternative, hip hop, and electronic elements, Verzache is yet another pioneering artist that has found his own sound. And same with Remi Wolf, coming off her recent album Juno, she has proven time and time again that her sound is eclectic, but always full of life and soul. This collab is definitely the most unpredictable on this list, but between their songwriting, melody, and production abilities, I know it would be incredible. I’d also be just as intrigued for the music video for this collab to really let both artist’s true personalities shine. If you want a taste, just check out Verzache’s meme filled Twitter or Instagram feed, and Remi, either her Instagram or any of her music videos will give you the gist.

5. Olivia Rodrigo and Post Malone

Post Malone Olivia Rodrigo Collaboration Sheesh Media

A year ago if you asked me who Olivia Rodrigo was, I’d say who? Yet with her meteoric rise this year, it’s hard to deny her full-package talent. Since she has yet to collaborate with any artists so far in her newly launched music career, the possibilities are endless, so this was a pretty difficult choice to narrow down – but something about Post Malone being the first candidate oddly just feels right. For starters, they both have a song called “Deja Vu,” which is actually a complete coincidence, but I’m choosing to take it as a sign. When I thought about what artist would complement Olivia’s teenage angst with her ability to resonate with her listeners on a deep level lyrically to the point of bringing listeners to tears, I immediately thought of Post Malone. Post has one of the most impactful vocal deliveries in music, and has proven he can adapt his style to fit many production styles. I can’t quite imagine exactly how this collaboration would sound, as it would likely be a little bit out of both of their comfort zones, but that’s the exact reason why this collaboration would be beautiful.

And just for fun, here are some honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut:

Lil Nas X and DaBaby

SZA and Frank Ocean

Arden Jones and Oliver Tree

Tate McRae and Giveon

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