Flight School Has Been “Home for the Summer” in New Single

Rachel Guttman

When a Canadian-born DJ and producer joined forces a few years ago, the iconic duo known as Flight School, was born. The talented pair, consisting of Guillaume Viau and Conor Cutz, is quickly setting themselves apart and taking “flight” in the music world with their sharp understanding of music, combined with their unmatched abilities in merging multiple genres. This past year has been highly notable for Flight School, with their most recent release of “Trust Issues” putting their distinctive sound on display. Today, they are making their Sheesh debut with the release of their new banger, “Home for the Summer.”

Through this track, Flight School has proven that their creativity and aptitude for music extends even further than we know. “Home for the Summer” incorporates many dance-pop elements including catchy lyrics, captivating builds, hot beats, and massive drops. “Home for the Summer” is a more than relatable piece that speaks volumes. The duo sings about a girl who moves out to a big city in search of something new and different – however, when she gets there, she comes to the realization that she hates it. The lyrics describe how he gets used to this place without her around, but she wants to come home for the summer. Then, he can finally say what he wants. The raspy, raw vocals mash together seamlessly with the lyrics and production. Furthermore, the utilization of groovy instrumentation intertwined with electronic tones and dark guitar riffs uncovers Flight School’s true sound.

This song is a testament to not only Flight School’s originality as artists, but also their future in the music world. If you haven’t had the chance yet to listen to one of the duo’s songs, this is the perfect introduction. Turn on your speakers, turn up the volume, and get ready to dance along to “Home for the Summer” on repeat.

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