Freddie's Finds, Volume 31: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 31st volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Worry Club, Wiseboy Jeremy, Monto, and LAUNDRY DAY.

“Knocking On Wood” by Worry Club

Despite only coming out on September 1, “Knocking On Wood” by Worry Club has been my favorite song over the last two months. While TikTok became impossible to open without hearing the familiar guitar riff, I had the great fortune of listening to the first mix (on loop every single day, I should add), and become fully enveloped by the sweet, winding, and most importantly, undeniable greatness of the track. Perhaps best epitomized by the lines, “It’s so sweet the way you hate me / But you won’t ever say it out loud,” frontman Chase Walsh takes us down a convoluted story riddled with angst, unrequited love, and hope for the future. Produced by Chase himself yet performed by the entire Club cohort of Dom, Gabe, and Tucker, there is a pure rock feel to the track that brings out the absolute best in everyone, while a near minute long band outro exemplifies their incredible talent. “Knocking On Wood” is yet another immense part of a huge year for Worry Club — it will be impossible not to be aware of everything they’re doing.

“Live 2 See” by Wiseboy Jeremy

To say I was intrigued when I heard a Westside Gunn-esque voice on my Release Radar last week would be an understatement — I immediately went and listened to everything I could from Wiseboy Jeremy. However, all week I have gone back to the first track that caught my eye, “Live 2 See” with Kirti Pandey. Kirti’s production brings an old school hip hop feel led by a soothing sample to Jeremy’s smooth rapping, creating a perfect combination. Jeremey quite literally shares a piece of him on the track, as he states on the hook, using the lyrics as a form of therapy for him as he shares stories from his life, diving deep into what has led him to where he is today. It’s already been a busy year for Jeremy, sharing his debut album Still Chldrn in April, and hopefully he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.


Quickly becoming one of my favorite rising artists in the alt-pop/hyperpop sphere right now, Monto has proven yet again this week that he is a name to consistently watch out for with the release of his debut EP, IN NO HURRY TO SHOUT. With lead single “EMAILS” already under his belt, the standout of the three new tracks is undoubtedly the nostalgia-inducing “SURROUNDED.” Bringing a 2022 feel to an early 2010s sweet melody, it’s difficult to not put this one on loop and jam out wherever you may be (including the library I’m currently writing this in). Monto explores a struggling relationship on the track, grappling between giving someone all his love yet feeling overwhelmed, singing, “How could I be grounded / I’m always surrounded.” Ultimately, he realizes he has to let go, yet still unraveling all his thoughts and emotions in the process. The future is bright for Monto — you won’t want to miss his EP.

“Back to Blonde” by LAUNDRY DAY

There are very few bands more interesting than LAUNDRY DAY, and it’s never been clearer than during their current stretch of YouTube only releases, culminating in the release of “Back to Blonde” this last week. Continuing with their theme of stripped down DIY music videos that only LAUNDRY DAY could pull off, the group are exemplifying yet again that they are going to keep doing them, and it is still working. Similarly to their recent album We Switched Bodies, the group intertwine seemingly playful lyricism with deeper metaphorical meanings, this time taking the form of hair colors. The group’s signature upbeat, nostalgic induced indie-rock production shines as always, pairing perfectly with Jude’s vocals. Who knows what is next in store for LAUNDRY DAY next — only time will tell.

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