Freddie's Finds, Volume 39: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 39th volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes FIG, Gidi x Merlyn Wood x SoGone SoFlexy, Nemo Lakes, and BROCKHAMPTON.


If you keep up with Freddie’s Finds at all, you will know that I absolutely love FIG, with this marking her third appearance on the segment — and at what better time than with the release of her debut album, BUD. A beautiful, eight track expansion into the fun loving world of this truly unparalleled artist, the project brings an amalgamation of sounds together that just screams “FIG” in an indescribable yet perfect way. “The meaning of BUD represents a safe space where I can express my thoughts and emotions away from the craziness of life,” she shared on the album. “It could be a big grassy field, at home or just metaphorically a calm place in my mind where I go to escape. I wanted to title this project BUD because it's the first step of discovering myself as an artist and like a bud I’m still in the beginning stages where I haven’t fully bloomed to a flower. I am still constantly growing and discovering who I am.”

Among the eight tracks arrives one indisputable standout in “Honey Filled Skies,” a euphoric, fall encapsulating song, exemplified by the accompanying animated video by Novella and Eiris Lu. FIG's perfectly delicate vocals shine more than ever over the soothing production from Huck, with her weather descriptions acting as metaphors for her anxieties and the world around her. I cannot encourage highly enough for everyone to listen to BUD — it is already one of my favorite projects of the year.

“CHAINS” by Gidi featuring Merlyn Wood and SoGone SoFlexy

When I tuned into the Pigeons & Planes Discord submission show last month, I was not expecting to hear an upcoming single with Merlyn Wood and SoGone SoFlexy on it, but low and behold Gidi did just that, giving us a sneak peek of the soon-to-be-announced “CHAINS.” The track arrives as Gidi’s first release in over a year, yet undoubtedly tops anything he has previously released. Production from the ever-versatile Curtis Waters brings a funky, electronic infused beat, creating for a spooky atmosphere under SoGone So Flexy’s booming opening verse. Gidi delivers a sweet, ear pleasing hook, forming the perfect bridge to Merlyn’s energetic second verse, before flowing back to Gidi’s tantalizing vocals — and a sneaky Outkast reference as Merlyn ad-libs “Forever, forever ever? Forever ever?” As he builds towards his debut album Garçon, there is so much to be excited about with Gidi — check out the new track below.

“Ugly Face!” by Nemo Lakes

A week with new Nemo Lakes is automatically a great week for music. Following a string of three incredible singles to start the year, he returned with “Ugly Face!,” a slower paced, more melancholic approach than what he had displayed so far. The entirely self produced track, led by a groovy bass line and feel good guitar, thumps energy and passion into the distortion riddled vocals as Nemo reveals himself in more ways than one. From the title, “Ugly Face!,” to the cover, the first of his that shows himself rather than a mannequin (yet still blurs out his eyes), to the lyrics, which explore some of his deepest thoughts as he sings, “Every time that I hated myself I was dead wrong, dead wrong,” Nemo allows listeners a glimpse into his world. Speaking on the meaning, he said, “This song is everything I have ever wanted to say, in the millions of conversations I have had with people, trying to steer me one way or another. This song is filled with affirmations I tell myself every day. This song is pure train of thought.” With his debut EP just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to dive into his music.


I can’t lie, I was slacking on listening to new music last week, and didn’t end up listening to the last-first single off a BROCKHAMPTON project that will ever exist until Sunday. However, once I did, it did not get turned off. “Big P*ssy” arrives as the first music from the group the deluxe version of their 2021 album ROADRUNNER (excluding a random Minions single that I don't think anyone particularly listened to), and the first step in the rollout of their final album ever, The Family. With production from Bearface and Nick Velez, the track brings a brash yet meticulous chaos, riddled with screeching tires, barkings, and various random trinkets. Kevin Abstract arrives as the only vocalist, yet this is not met with much dismay as he delivers an incredible two verses. The first verse sets the scene for the entire album, alluding to the group’s disbandment, while the second sees him reflect on their rise and impact. The Family arrives November 17, a release that is sure to be as amazing as it is bittersweet.

Check out the playlist below for all my previous finds:

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