Freddie's Finds, Volume 35: Best New Music of The Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the 35th volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes 8rae, Kenny Mason x Jean Dawson, Kendall Raesunnie, and Saekyi.

“Lost Cause” by 8rae

If you do not know 8rae, then here’s an introduction to your soon to be favorite artist. The Orange County native has been quietly making incredible tracks over the last two years, yet the time has come to finally put his name on the map, kicking off the rollout of his upcoming EP with undoubtedly his best track to date, “Lost Cause.” Beginning with a distorted, pitched up intro that cannot help but remind me of Aminé, over groovy, upbeat production with electronic elements, 8rae absolutely shines across the track. Amidst a journey towards self love emerges a variety of styles from hip-hop to R&B to pop, as 8rae puts the full arsenal on display while leaving much excitement for what is to come with his project. 8rae is on the cusp of something huge — you will definitely not want to miss what he has coming out this week as well.

“NOSEDIVE” by Kenny Mason featuring Jean Dawson

I do not think I have ever been as excited as I was when Kenny Mason announced the tracklist for his album RUFFS, including a feature from Jean Dawson. The two have been hinting at having worked together for many months, and I never fully expected a song to be released — or at least not this soon. However, when RUFFS came out last Wednesday, “NOSEDIVE” well exceeded any expectation anyone could have had. Combining for a punk-rock experience, Kenny and Jean bring out the most electric performances out of each other straight from the get-go, with Kenny bursting out of the gates on the opening verse before jumping into a half-screamed hook. A confidence oozing, raw delivered second verse might just be my favorite of his ever, before Jean steals the show with an indescribably incredible verse that you just have to listen to in order to understand. While RUFFS is riddled with standout tracks and some of the most polished work Kenny has created to date, none of it comes close to “NOSEDIVE.”

“BUTTERFLY” by Kendall Raesunnie

But I know the world / Hasn’t been too kind / To the outcasts, to the misfits / And to the ones who can’t find a box to fit in,” is the perfect encapsulation of Kendall Raesunnie’s debut single. “BUTTERFLY” is a beautiful exploration into self love and self acceptance, inviting each listener on this journey from the very first line, singing, “Hey stranger.” Heartwarming production by Kendall herself creates the perfect welcoming environment for her message, allowing everyone to become fully immersed in the track and completely forget about whatever they may be struggling with at that moment. There are many reasons to be excited for what is to come next for the East Atlanta native — hopefully we will not have to wait long for a second track.

“If You Must Go” by Saekyi

I first came across Saekyi when I covered his collaboration with Tommy Richman, “Taking Me Back For The Night,” back in March, and since then, I have had the incredible opportunity to experience the world he is creating. From his social media presence, engagement with fans, and current stretch of singles, everything Saekyi does is so well crafted and exciting to be a part of. The latest installment of this arrived last week with “If You Must Go,” the last single prior to his EP dropping October 11, and one of his most beautiful yet. Led by a slow, soothing melody, Saekyi takes us down a journey of letting go, understanding that what he wants may not be the best situation, made clear in an emotionally charged fourth verse as he sings, “I knew love, true love / And I gave it all away / I was never taught to appreciate what you did / In a home that’s not a home / I mean this life is not my own.” Mellow yet exciting production from Dan Edinberg and Noah Terefe bring a perfect balance of keeping it simple while engaging enough for the listener’s ears, while the slow incorporation of strings and backing vocals keep the track enticing throughout. Look out for Saekyi’s EP Angels Don’t Call Me, out next Tuesday.

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