Freddie’s Finds, Volume 5: Best New Music of the Week

Freddie Fine

Welcome to the fifth volume of Freddie’s Finds! Each week I will spotlight 3-4 of my favorite new tracks of the week, ranging from a variety of genres and artists. This week includes Buppy., Boyish, and Alexa Cappelli.

“Cold Nights In Hollywood” by Buppy.

Not only does Buppy. have one of the best names in the game, he just released my favorite song of his so far. “Cold Nights In Hollywood” is a hard hitter as Buppy. relives his journey moving from Utah to Los Angeles in order to pursue his career. He explores the loneliness he faced along the path, especially after breaking up with someone close to him. The production from Eeryskies and BOIA is inspired by the likes of XXXTentacion and Powfu, materializing in a guitar riff that explodes on the chorus, a concept that I just can’t get enough of. Give it one listen and you will most definitely be a supporter of Buppy. in the long run.

“Congratulations” by Boyish

While I hadn’t heard of Boyish until very recently, I am very glad to have been introduced to their newest single, “Congratulations.” It’s the first release of the year for the queer duo, and if it’s any sign of what their EP is going to sound like in May, then we are in for a treat. Vocalist India Shore delivers striking vocals over guitarist Claire Altendahl’s dreamy riffs, creating the perfect indie pop track as we begin to enter spring. Speaking on the track, they said, “‘Congratulations’ is about falling for someone who you are close to. It’s the moment when you cross the line between friends and something more and the fear that once you cross that line there’s no going back. It’s written from the present day after things have fallen apart but reflects back to the moment when you become more than just friends.”

The accompanying video, directed by Chase Denton, is a lovely watch, with split stills of each member performing their part of the song in their favorite New York City locations. The visual effects are subtle, but once you notice them you will be in awe, watching the video on repeat. Describing the video, they said, “Working Holiday brought us the idea to do a micro-narrative and film the exact same shot of each of us but then flip it in post production to make this great inverted effect.” It’s a must watch video for a must listen track.

Confused @ 22 by Alexa Cappelli

Looking for six relatable songs? Alexa Cappelli’s new EP Confused @ 22 explores the struggles she has experienced as a young adult. Her beautiful voice over deceptively upbeat instrumentals almost masks the deeply personal meaning of each track. Each song is a heart wrencher – from “Imposter Syndrome” where she comes to the realization that she is worrying more about others actions rather than her own, to “broke & lonely” where she explores the anxiety of, “trying to make it / When everyone keeps telling me to fake it.”

My personal favorite track is “Whiplash.”  The fear of a failed relationship far too often can overshadow the hopefulness, leading into the themes that Alexa explores. While it starts off mellower, it bursts on the chorus as she explains the inevitable overthinking and indecision in the early stages of a relationship. She apologizes ahead of time for the whiplash caused from the sudden switch in emotions, explaining that, “It's like I always crush until I crash / Convinced I'm better off like that / Break my own heart then put it back.” The project is only 16 minutes, so I definitely suggest you give it a listen.

"good 4 u" - redveil

Last but not least, the most special of shoutouts to redveil’s long awaited flip of Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u.” I have sent it to almost everyone I know and they all think it is the most beautiful thing they have ever heard. VEIL SZN is quickly approaching – keep an eye out next Wednesday.


Welcome to the newest part of Freddie’s Finds – trivia! There are three questions, each hinting at separate tracks and increasing in complexion. This week’s trivia is about Redveil – if you get the answers, tag me or Sheesh on Twitter, or send your answers in our Discord

  1. Soup that eats like a meal
  2. This is an ode to Reveil’s birth year
  3. Samples “I Really Really Love You” by Father’s Children (listen at 24 seconds)

You can find all my past finds in the playlist below:

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