Tapped In: Buppy.

Multitalented artist Buppy. is a symbol for teen angst. In his own unique alternate R&B / indie-pop style, Buppy. manifests an undeniable other-worldly vibe in his new single, “TELL ME YOU’RE SORRY.” Produced by BOIA, Buppy. brings his listeners to the dark side in this one. Today, the Utah native takes us on a trip inside his mind, releasing a music video for the recent single. In a track that embodies the inevitable anger following a break-up, Buppy. demands an apology. The surging artist uses his electronic, silvery vocals to create an addictive chorus, singing,

"Tell me you’re sorry,

Oh tell me you’re sorry,

Oh baby I’m losing it,

Baby don’t bother me,

Maybe you wanted me,

Baby I’m new to this."

In the video, Buppy. wanders the forest with a lantern, only to be caught by four devil-like figures. As the song culminates with a burst of energy in the final verse, the singer shows up to confront his previous self, as the female-devils sing rituals around a fire. What happens next, you ask? Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you, so you’ll have to watch. When asked about creating the powerful visual, Buppy. told me, “We stayed in a small cabin for 3 days. We could only shoot at night, which proved to be incredibly cold. In certain scenes you can literally see the blizzard. My director, Anthony Palmer, played a big part in making the intricate video possible. We really wanted to grip viewers in a new reality with this one.” Well, grip they did.

In this cinematic masterpiece, Buppy. takes the demon thoughts that come with heartbreak and brings them to life. The LA-based artist embodies the vigor of a pop-rocker in this one, and the video is a glove that fits the track to perfection.  Step into Buppy.’s world, and give a listen to “TELL ME YOU’RE SORRY” below.

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