Who is Gaff?

Ian Tsang

There’s an unspoken notion where every time piano enters the realm of Hip-Hop, music production reaches new heights. Gaff, an independent artist from Ireland, puts that to the test in his latest single: "How It Goes."

Looping a slow piano melody with his lively beats and vocals, the rapper put his skills to work in a track foreshadowing his future. If you dive in to his catalog further, Gaff mixes beautiful Alt-Rock influenced guitar riffs with modern trap drums, leaving room for his unique (and quite addicting) vocal tone to shine nicely on top. Gaff sees himself as “next up”- patiently building his musical resume and vying for his shot at greatness: he wants not only to be Ireland’s finest, but ultimately a global sensation.

“Lately, that’s just really how it goes, I am from the city no one knows.”

Although Gaff is still in the premature phases of his career, the rapper is striving for the top - with a small town legacy being built brick-by-brick. What makes the Ireland native all the more interesting is that he capitalizes on inflection, emphasizing pronunciation and baritone pitches which excel beyond the skills of the underground. There’s no question, Gaff’s two year plan - from his emergence in 2019 - is coming to fruition. 2021 may very well be his year: taking to Instagram, he told fans to “Expect even bigger things in January.” That’s just How It Goes.

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