Gaff Is Back and We’ve Been “Right Here Waiting”

Perry Avgerinos

The last time I wrote about the Ireland native, Gaff, was when he dropped his last release, “Friday on a Tuesday” – nearly two years ago. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers. The silver lining is Gaff is BACK, (alive), and picked up right where he left us hanging in 2021.

“Right Here Waiting” sees Gaff explore his own mind during the lockdown era, over his guitar-driven, self-produced alt/indie/hip-hop instrumental. Aside from his irresistible, accent-infused vocal tone, Gaff is equally as talented as a producer. Like many of his other records, Gaff adds an opportune switch up towards the last minute of the track, showing his attention to detail (likely what I believe to be the cause of the near two year span of silence). The song becomes brighter, and more optimistic within the chord-progression changes, and keeps listeners engaged throughout.

Leading up to an EP to come later this year, Gaff seems to be back on track and focused on taking his music to new heights. With a growing, cult-like fanbase, Gaff is still in a lane of his own, and perhaps 2023 is the year that propels the young artist into the ears of many. Listen below:

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