Andrey Azizov and Hans Williams Shed Light on The Journey To Adulthood in “Golden Hour”

Ben Wego

NYC-based double forced producer & graphic designer Andrey Azizov and indie singer Hans Wiliams come together with their new single “Golden Hour.” “Golden Hour” blends the acoustic pop style of Williams and beat dropping electronic vibe of Azizov. The track is bittersweet and uplifting as it sheds light on the struggles of adulting that we all come to face with “go pay my rent, lose touch with friends / I run to catch my youth and keep on picking on pieces I was never meant to lose.” The track begins with Williams' acoustic guitar flow and a slow buildup to the drop where he exclaims “Who taught you not to love yourself?” – a relatable inner battle that many people face on their journey of adolescence to adulthood. 

Williams and Azizov capture the perspective of facing the challenge of adulthood on “Golden Hour” with confidence and vulnerability. The song ends off in the style of “Nikes” by Frank Ocean with pitched up vocals – “too tired to sleep / too young to see / too lost and on my own,” representing the inner child that fears the world they are venturing into but never loses hope.

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