Tune In To Gia Woods’ “Heartbreak Radio”

Kieran Korhost
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While the days of scanning the FM dial for familiar hits may be behind us, a shot on nostalgia never hurts. The fuzzy introduction of Gia Woods’ latest track breeds a sense of familiarity, the feeling of suspenseful optimism while turning the dial searching for a hot radio station. These hopes are satisfied when “Heartbreak Radio” finds its way onto the airwaves, its pulse almost physical through the speakers. On the track, Woods brags that her ex will have her memory on repeat in their head - it’s only fitting the song adopts the same hold on listeners. Instantly fit for the club scene, “Heartbreak Radio” continues Woods’ streak of dance floor anthems. 

If “Heartbreak Radio” sounds like the thesis of a larger, curated project, there’s good reason: the track will be included on Woods’ upcoming EP Your Engine, due later this fall. In a press release, Woods says of the single: “'Heartbreak Radio' is the first break up song on the project. There’s always that one song that reminds you of certain people that are no longer in your life. I wrote this from the perspective of - we may have fallen out of love, ended badly, moved on but we’ll always live through the memory and moments we shared around a song. It’s a metaphor for the feeling that no matter if someone is no longer in your life that they always will be in a way."

The sonic dominance of her latest single is far from a novelty - for years, Gia Woods has been releasing stand-out, true-to-self music that has raised her profile as an artist. Her voice resonates with the LGBTQ+ community, whether it be her electronic femme fan favorites, the emotionally vulnerable and resonant single “Only A Girl,” or her personal story of sharing her true identity through music. No matter where they may find themselves, they are assured that they can tune in to Gia Woods’ “Heartbreak Radio” and find exactly what they’re looking for. 

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