gianni & kyle Call Out "SOS" for Some "Real Friends" in New 2-Pack Single Drop

Perry Avgerinos

Today is a good day, no, great day. After 9 months since their last release, our favorite duo gianni & kyle grace listeners with not one – but two new singles – "Real Friends" and "SOS," picking up right where they left off.

These two gentlemen truly do not miss. With both singles feeding into the melodic R&B/ Hip-Hop sound fans have come to love, there seems to be a revived energy within these singles. In the a-side single "Real Friends," gianni hooks you in immediately with his crooning chorus magic, singing about weeding through the friends who actually care to check up on how you're doing, the ride or dies. kyle comes in on the verse flowing straight facts when he says,

"It's like I'm living through a screen just to go through the motions,

I'm still a human,

I can't thrive off of comments and likes,

I need somebody who's more willing to be honest than nice."

On the b-side record "SOS," the boys deliver one of their catchiest hooks yet, over a honeyed guitar-driven nicky quinn produced beat, in just over 2 minutes. gianni does his thing on the hook, reminiscent of the timeless early 2000's R&B melodies, but progressed and blossomed into their contemporary hit-formula. kyle comes in full alpha mode, with bars like,

"Yo done, finished

Blew it on your last chance,

We've been at the end already at the last dance,

I care, yea but in the past tense,

I'm so done of jumping through hoops like gymnastics,

Bending over backwards, Mr. Fantastic."

The subject matter of a g & k song is always extremely relatable to the times, down to the lingo used in their hooks and verses. "Real Friends," and "SOS" tie in perfectly to the digital world we've been in for over a year since the start of the pandemic, as we've come to see which friends care enough to make an effort to stay connected, with some relationships ending, and new ones forming. I haven't stopped listening to these singles since they dropped last night, and don't anticipate stopping any time soon. Dive in below.

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