girli Can’t Get Enough of “Cheap Love”

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You can’t put a budget on love – especially not if there are no funds to withdraw from in the first place. While this sentiment can be applied to emotional aspects, it is all-too-true in a physical context as well. The moments of love we value most are those that are priceless, both in sentimental value and materially. In London-based pop-dynamo girli’s new “love song to love,” her artistic bounds seem as endless as a spontaneous date night on the town with no money in your pockets. In this case, you’re left to your own devices, relying on your own creativity for entertainment. The endorphin rush of “Cheap Love” gives the impression that you’re doing romance wrong if you have any numbers in your bank account, as if living off pure infatuation is the only way to do it. “No bills, just thrills, I love cheap love!” she exclaims on the song’s chorus, energetically high on adrenaline. The song’s spirit is incredibly youthful, fitting in that it was written about girli’s first teenage relationship. “Most of the time it’s not the cash being spent that makes it special, it's actually just the time you get with that person that matters the most,” she explains, summarizing the track’s genesis. “Cheap Love” basks in a nostalgic love in an illuminating light, transforming blurred reminiscence into ripe emotions of a love that never subsides.

While the sounds of “Cheap Love” may only extend to translucent visuals of the concept, the accompanying music video illustrates all of the allure a financially-bankrupt relationship can offer. "The aim was to capture a feeling of youthful rebellion, mixed with the intoxicating rush of falling in love for the first time,” revealed director Kassandra Powell. In the darkly shaded and energetic setting, the effervescence of summer gives fuel to the queer love in focus. And if you’re looking for more girli to soundtrack your cheap summer love, you’re in luck: her highly-anticipated EP why am i like this?? is set to release on May 12th, including prior pop stunners “Imposter Syndrome” and “I Really F***ed It Up” alongside “Cheap Love.” The EP is an ensemble of tracks derived from girli’s newly discovered self-realizations, leading to the most authentic music of her career. These tracks are road-tested as well – girli has been playing the music to fans at shows on the US Leg of her F***ed It Up Tour, including an LA show and the stage at SXSW. She is set to resume the tour on April 13th in Belgium, working her way across Europe to spread the good noise of her unapologetic recordings. Whether it's in the crowd on her tour or in your headphones on May 12th, girli’s just the voice you need to fill the warm months with memories, free of charge.

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