Gun Boi Kaz Releases Sentimental New Single “21”

Sundhya Alter

For the past three years, Gun Boi Kaz has religiously released a song on his birthday, its purpose — an annual time capsule that his future self can use to look back on. It’s the kind of emotional processing that is also evident in his music, he uses music as a reflection point, painting graphic stories about mental health, love and nicotine. It's also a way for listeners to observe the evolution of the young singer, his most recent release “21” Gun Boi Kaz takes a mature look at who he wants to be and the moments he wants to leave behind.

Similar to previous releases, “21” marries the depth of Kaz’s pop punk exterior with the mellowness of his deeply intuitive core. Over a minor key and soft guitar synths, Gun Boi Kaz sings about the malaise of getting older while reminiscing about the simple times of being young, and the ignorance that prevents you from confronting who you’ve become. Through wavy versus the singer finds himself in a time lapse of a life that feels static, however in signature Kaz fashion he prefers to sit heavy in his emotions struggling between the tug of running away from his future or finally accepting that maybe it's just time to grow up.

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