Kaleah Lee Shares Her Ode to Solitude, “Out of Body”

Olive Soki
Malcom Xavier Lee

If we are willing to trust some of the best singer-songwriters of our time to quantify our emotions into heart-wrenching songs, it is only natural to trust them when it comes to flagging down emerging talent. Having caught the attention of revered songwriters (Taylor Swift, Bon Iver, Maggie Rogers, and Gracie Abrams - just to name a few) things are definitely looking up for the Kaleah Lee. Adding onto the hype that followed her previous singles, and perhaps reinforcing her position as ‌one of our generations most relatable emotional scribes, the Vancouver based artist is back with a new single titled “Out of Body.”

A pensive lullaby documenting how appeasing solitude can be, “Out of Body” is both striking and peaceful. While most of the song is spent on lyrical contextualization, storytelling, and delicate guitar phrasing, the back end of the track is decorated with nothing other than Kaleah’s beautiful vocals, mirroring the titular out of body experience to a tee.

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