Hadji Gaviota Continues Hot Streak with “boi”

Ian Hansen

If there is anyone to invest in for the rest of 2023, it is Queens native, Hadji Gaviota. The consistency and quality of music he puts out is substantial, and he brings something new to the table each time. His recent song, “boi” exemplifies innovation and it is full of spirit.

If you were to listen to just the instrumental, you would think it is a chill lofi-pop cut, but then Hadji Gaviota adds his vocals and switches the entire tone of the track. The chorus brings forward progressive rock-inspired vibes, as he yells, “Boy, Shut yo ass up” repeatedly, and I can’t wait to jump around to this in a crowd setting. The verses present a nice contrast with soothing harmonizations over these hypnotic keys and that is what Gaviota does so well — balance.

This song is exactly what you put on when you need to be lifted up after a tough day at work or if someone pisses you off. I know for a fact this will be my go to song to let off steam for a long time.

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