Treat Yourself to a Little Mood Booster with Eleanor Kingston’s Latest, “Mantra”

Emma Neveux

Life is a rollercoaster of emotion in itself, that’s just a fact. But the way you navigate this ride is entirely up to you, and why survive the hard corners alone when Eleanor Kingston generously offers you a hand with her latest single, “Mantra” The alternative singer/songwriter just released a powerful and empowering song that delivers a message of self-belief, determination, and standing up for oneself. 

Finally – because it was time to be selfish and take care of yourself for once. Yes sometimes, you are allowed. The lyrics of "Mantra" are all about manifesting your destiny and being unapologetically yourself, and not tolerating any nonsense from anyone. Eleanor's vocals are strong and confident, as she encourages her listeners to embrace their power and strength. Her message is particularly relevant in a world where women still face challenges and obstacles that require them to stand up and assert their rights and autonomy.

The track is a perfect fusion of boom bap-inspired vintage drums and jazzy saxophone that provides a unique and engaging sound that is both nostalgic and fresh. If you listen closely, you’ll actually pick up on the sleek production that mixes so many instruments to a perfect balance. It’s quite insane once you realize it, trust me. 

Eleanor really gives your ego and self-worth the kick it deserves, the drums of this track provide a solid backbone, keeping the momentum going while sustaining her softer vocals. Very smooth and executed contrast I must say.

Really, get out of that funk and just blast in your headphone Eleanor’s mantra, you’ll see it works wonders.

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