Hans Williams Shares a Heartwrenching Ode to Long Distance Love in "The Trek"

Olive Soki
Hank Miller

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” is one of those sayings that changes in meaning as we gain perspective and lived experiences. These six words that come across as harsh, when expanded upon, reveal themselves to be quite tender and understanding. Threading together a rather sweet ode to the universal sentiment, singer-songwriter, Hans Williams explores what it truly means to reconcile with the reality of long distance relationships with grace and love.

A simple track armed with lush acoustic guitars and a whole lot of feeling, “The Trek” sees Hans navigate the love and appreciation that grows between the miles that separate us from our loved ones. “This song is for all the friends from home you see twice a year over the holidays. It’s for every mile between you and your family. It’s a reminder to call and call ofen without a reason to,” shares Hans. Skillfully paving the way to the songs cathartic apex, the bridge, which is comparable to the intricate webs of shared experiences, longing, and hope that makes up for the distance, serves as a reminder of the warmth that exists on the other side of it all.

His second single of the year, “The Trek” is quickly building an enticing case for Hans’ upcoming EP.

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