Hans Williams Spars with Imposter Syndrome on "Skin"

Riley Furey
Hank Miller

Over the past year or so, Hans Williams has become somewhat of a household name in the indie folk space. Coming off the back of success with songs like “Georgia Walks” and “All Is Well,” he is undoubtedly back with another hit on his new single “Skin.”

This is the most vulnerable track Hans has ever put out, and it feels like the perfect next step for his artistry. He has always had a knack for bringing the most difficult to explain emotions to life in his lyrics, and “Skin” is the most raw of the lot. The debut track off of his first EP is laden with electric guitar notes and riffs that will speak to your soul just as much as Williams’ raspy and soulful voice always does. Throughout the track he shares how hard it has been to navigate the internal battle within himself on why he continues to make music, and it is exactly the purge of emotion you need to get past the gnawing imposter syndrome that is sure to come while growing as a creative.

I’ve always believed the best A&R’s are artists themselves, and 3-4 artists that I’ve had in my playlist for months were in the comment section for Hans’ teaser videos of this track. It's the most unique of his releases when you compare it to his discography thus far, and it feels like exactly where Hans needs to be.

(P.S. I wrote about imposter syndrome on my newsletter a couple weeks ago, and if I had to choose a song to perfectly highlight the weight of what I was feeling, it would be “Skin” by Hans Williams.)

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