asiris Does It Again on “december”

Riley Furey

Everyone has their shared experience of when they first heard asiris this year, and mine fittingly was in a cabin in the middle of nowhere on a night away with my girlfriend. Along with making you want to travel more, his music is the perfect soundtrack to reflecting on the life you've lived so far, and for appreciating the present.

This song in particular builds upon the energy of longing we were introduced to on his breakout single “my friend’s toyota.” "december" is the story of how he wished he could have made it to the end of the year with the person he loved, but they just couldn't hold out long enough. Sometimes as the seasons change the people around you do the same, and this track is a tale of what life could have looked like if the pair saw it through.

As I've said time and time again on Sheesh, we are in the midst of the folk renaissance, and asiris has been one of the most promising acts in the genre since the release of MFT. I'm beyond excited for what's to come next for him, and you will be too once you hear his music for yourself.

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