Nate Traveller's Album 'Hunny' Is Short, Sweet, and Impressively Deep

Joe DelloStritto

Back in 2018, Nate Traveller blew our minds with the Alone EP. Those three tracks instantly set him apart, not just from the other R&B and Pop artists hailing from Southwest Florida, (the most recognizable of which at this point being Dominic Fike), but from the music scene in general. His ability to combine the most modern of R&B sensibilities with more nostalgic, folk-esque vocal performances resulted in lush, atmospheric soundscapes that anyone could get lost in, over and over again.

The intricacy and timelessness of that release has sustained us through what has been a pretty understated two years for Nate. That understatement has now been erased by the singer-songwriter’s new album, Hunny, released last week.

Traveller’s new project consists of eight tracks, an obvious standout being the single that led into the full release: “Low Blow.”While the track may represent the pinnacle of catchiness, it should not be considered a high point necessarily; the reality is all of these songs are equally excellent. He opens the album with two airy, emotional tracks, “Remember” and “Solace,”and his soulfully romantic performance on the penultimate track “All I C Is U” is worthy of note.

Nate also assembled a solid roster of featured artists on the project, from his song “Sunset” with ripmattblack from earlier this year making its return, to perhaps his most surprising and exciting collaboration yet: “Blossom,” with AKTHESAVIOR, a Brooklyn rapper and member of the Underachievers, Clockwork Indigo, and Beast Coast.

"I met you at the surface

We're diving in blind now

The deeper we fall in

The more that we find out"

“Blossom” is my personal favorite track off the album, withNate sweetly singing about a budding romance, before he and AK both dive in with vibrant and upbeat bars to bring the album to its jubilant conclusion. The song shows Nate further broadening his sound, and showcases his ability to work with other artists to craft incredibly unique and appealing hits. Give it a listen and you’ll be hooked on the entire project.

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