Jah Darko Brings Ethereal Atmosphere with “ALOT COLDER”

Ian Hansen

Maryland artist, Jah Darko, has a unique way of combining intricate raps with enchanting melodies that are hypnotizing and brings an impressive energy to every track he drops. His third drop of the year, “ALOT COLDER,” is no exception.

Following his previous release, “SAY DAT,” which is an abrasive and hard-hitting banger, “ALOT COLDER,” is a more spaced out vibe that really showcases his deep vocals and catchy harmonies. The consistency between the hook and verses really showcase the duality of his rapping and singing abilities. The beat almost sounds like a beautifully processed organ that loops throughout with background vocals that will make anyone listening feel like they are levitating.

Jah Darko has an extremely bright future and a sound that you can’t miss. If you like artists such as Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, or Kanye West, Jah Darko is someone worth checking out. The atmosphere he brings to his records will keep him around for a long time.

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