Juliana Madrid Offers an Intimate Track on Unrequited Love and Heartbreak, “Savior”

Olive Soki

Juliana Madrid is carving her path one song at a time. Signed to Neon Label and having collaborated with Benjamin Ruttner of The Knocks, the Texas singer-songwriter seems to be in good company to achieve and nourish her dreams. So far this year, her last single, “Astronauts,” saw some of her most impressive and compelling storytelling, while “Peppermint” offered more of a cathartic coming-of-age release. Continuing the trend, she is back with another single, this time combining her best musical attributes into one killer track titled “Savior.”

Staying true to her vulnerable songwriting, “Savior” is a reflection on a past relationship. Revealing the relationship through allusions and distant memories cleared in hindsight, Juliana perfectly paints a picture for her listeners. At once she recalls a painful past, only this time with wisdom and clarity only granted through time. Speaking of the track, Madrid shares, “It’s about having this intense love that slowly starts to fade when you come to the realization that you have been giving up more of yourself than you are receiving, and it’s drained you completely.” Sung coolly, atop exhilarating guitar chords and percussion, Juliana ties her story seamlessly, keeping her listeners emotionally engaged throughout the journey.

Along with the single, Juliana announced the release of her debut EP, coming out August 19th, as well as some tour dates supporting The Knocks in the fall. So, make sure to stream her latest single in preparation for the big release and grab some tickets to see her live.

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