Jay Kent Isn’t Here For More “Texting” On New Single

Kieran Kohorst

R&B is full of personalities, fitting for the different variations of the genre that bring out different characters. There’s no mistaking Jay Kent’s position within the genre after pressing play on her new track, “Texting”: her charismatic delivery, laid-back production, and sly writing sound familiar, but Kent’s presence in itself is enigmatic. There are no hard edges on “Texting,” as all aspects of the track come across as smooth and casual. “You’re always trippin’ over somethin’ / You still end up at my door,” she says in the direction of a situationship. Of course, there’s only one plausible ending: “And every time I say I’m sorry, clothes end up on the floor.” While the situation may not be novel, Kent’s coolness offers a new perspective, along with her layered performance. At once, she seems quietly hostile, level-headed, fed-up, and ultimately accepting of the inevitable. 

Of the track, Kent offers the following: "’Texting’ to me feels like a relationship that avoids confrontation. People nowadays would do everything through text and I feel like typing your emotions down in a green or blue bubble doesn’t really show sincerity. Although it says delivered. How do you know if it’s been delivered to their heart and mind? I hope people treat the people they love with empathy and put in the effort to confront them when the going gets tough. Some people want to see that, see their loved ones go the extra mile for them, wouldn’t you rather argue and make up in person or through text? That’s just me. At the end of the day. The ones listening to the song bring it to life when they put their own meaning to it. Texting is…almost like the type of music you listen to before you go to bed. Well, at least that's how I would describe it. My sound in general, I would say is a bit of everything. I just love the way we can put certain genres together where there are no rules. I like to experiment with different vibes. While I tend to blend R&B and Pop, I’d say whatever resonates with me is my sound.”

Kent’s sound truly is ever changing, demonstrated in her previous releases, “Infinity” and “Just 2 Luv U.” The former takes the form of a ballad, the latter a dynamic pop cut with soothing vocals, and “Texting” showing a more sensual approach from Kent. The constant in each track is a soulfulness that seems to come naturally to Kent; according to Soko7, a Kent collaborator and co-producer on Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love,” what helps Kent stand out is “her understanding of production & instruments, giv(ing) her an edge over her peers.” Based in Angeles, Philippines, Kent has begun work with a number of acclaimed producers in an effort to craft her debut project. As we’ve seen in the music she has shared so far, only Jay Kent knows what direction she’s heading next.

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