Jay-Z Officially Joins Instagram, Deactivates Account 24 hours Later

Nate Fenningdorf

For the release of Netflix’s The Harder They Fall film, Jay-Z created an Instagram account to promote the new film, which he co-produced. Jay-Z gained over 2.3 million followers – and then deactivated the account 24 hours later.

According to the New York Daily News, this is not the first time Jay-Z has joined Instagram and then deactivated his account. In 2015, the “Empire State of Mind” rapper posted a Michael Jackson tribute, deactivating the account soon after.

While Jay-Z has not been active on Instagram, he has utilized other social media platforms like Twitter through his career. Before taking a step back from Instagram, he posted the movie cover to The Harder They Fall and followed Beyoncé.

Jay-Z creates Instagram account, deactivates it 24 hours later
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