Jayde Releases Hard-hitting Final Single “f this” in Anticipation of April EP

Audrey Brandes

Vulnerability is hard. Especially when you can’t even get a handle on your own feelings. Rising pop artist Jayde captures this confusion and chaos in coming to terms with the fear of falling in love in her latest single, “f this.” Yet, she approaches this concept from a different angle: “With this song, I wanted to channel the fear of falling in love and turn it into a position of confidence and power.” As she sings, “Fuck this, don’t call, I never really needed you at all,” she plays with themes of self-love, lust, and hesitation – wanting to be out of someone’s reach, all the while desiring to be with them.

Interweaving pulsating synths, cinematic drums, and faint strings, the track builds in intensity until it blossoms into a climactic declaration of self-empowerment and acceptance. Jayde reminds us that the only person you really need is yourself. Alongside the new track, Jayde has teamed up with video director Kevin Lien to bring the song’s story to life. Captivating visuals depict Jayde’s simultaneous search for love, in tandem with her utter fear of it. The infectious track marks a change of pace for Jayde – both stylistically and thematically. The 21-year-old is set to release her debut EP sad songs about sad things in April of 2021, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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