Step Into the Unknown with Jean Deaux’s New EP, 'Most Wanted' [EP Review]

Freddie Fine

There’s not enough chlorophyll to soak up how much Jean Deaux is shining. Since coming onto the scene with a bang on Saba’s “Photosynthesis,” she has sprouted into one of the most versatile artists in the game, highlighted by her new EP, Most Wanted.

She shared this handwritten note on her Instagram following the EP’s release:

It’s important to listen to this EP how Jean intends and understand this meaning. It is amazing to see how she has grown, and being able to put her experiences out like this, in the exact way she wants it to be is inspirational. 

Anticipate something new on every track with Jean Deaux (pronounced John Doe), as one should expect given her name. Inspired by the classic label of someone whose name is unknown, she brings this unexpectedness to every song. Riddled with smooth, groovy beats, Jean Deaux floats over each track in a different way every time. 

Off the bat, "Jumpin" stood out to me. Her melodic rapping is incredible, doing so over a bouncy electronic beat. The track is enhanced by a beat switch, taking it to another level as Jean delivers some of her best rapping on the entire album. The distortion on her voice creates a unique environment. It’s only a matter of time before “Jumpin’” blows up.

“Stay Down” will make you feel like you’re underwater. It seems like nothing will outshine the wavering guitar on the intro until Jean begins singing. Her voice is truly put on center stage on this track, exploring her range on the verse and pre-chorus. However, the highlight is the chorus, with beautiful harmonies making it my favorite section of the entire album. I can’t rave about this song enough - it’s been on repeat since release day.

A bit of a switch up compared to the rest of the EP, “Every Night After” deserves to be blasted on full volume. The beat features a synth, in contrast to the usual guitar, making Jean’s voice pop more than any other track. She effortlessly is able to create immaculate melodies, from just one word to the entire chorus where every line might as well have corresponding visuals of a knife slicing through warm butter. 

Having just eclipsed 1 million monthly listeners, now is your perfect chance to hop on before she blows up.

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