Terrace Martin’s 'DRONES' is the Warmth You Need with Winter Coming Up [Album Review]

Courtney Fields

Terrace Martin blessed us with his new album, DRONES, on November 5th, 2021 and it is surely the most refreshing release of the year.

There’s no way to describe Terrace Martin music other than simply saying it’s perfect. The blues came from black culture, jazz came from Black culture, funk, soul, and hip-hop as well; all of which encapsulate the type of artist that Terrace Martin has shown to be. You don’t know what to expect upon the first listening of DRONES. The first track starts off as a spacey instrumental with minimal vocals, then immediately jumps into a world of funk led by Terrace, Snoop, and two of the music industry’s favorite rarities: Kendrick Lamar and James Fauntleroy. The list of guest appearances doesn’t stop there, Cordae, Arin Ray, YG, Smino, and many more also leave their mark on DRONES.

Listening to Martin’s new project is almost like jumping into a time machine; which can be attributed to his Los Angeles roots. LA music is notorious for a couple of things: offering an introspective look between the new and the old, as well as painting a picture so vivid you feel like you and the music are one. It’s 45 degrees where I’m at and DRONES is so good I’ve been driving to it with my windows down as if it’s a summer day; it’s surely the cure to seasonal depression.  Although Martin has been in the industry for well over 15 years, DRONES may be his best solo work to date. It’s essentially a testament that live instrumentation, and true artistry aren’t dead in the new world filled with 808s.

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