Jex Nwalor Transcends on New Single “Come Back”

Kieran Kohorst

There’s been a debate in recent years surrounding the state of R&B, some going as far to declare the genre “dead.” While the music has certainly shifted, artists and fans have consistently proven their opposition wrong by making stars out of R&B singers. Though his discography is limited, Jex Nwalor has captured fans with his intoxicating voice and accompanying songwriting skills. Both qualities are on full display on Nwalor’s newest release, “Come Back.” The track’s narrative is one of a dysfunctional love, one where intentions never quite align for convenience. A mutual attraction is evident, but the partners run more perpendicular to one another than parallel. Nwalor’s lyricism expresses lucid imagery of common relationship scenarios, such as leaving a phone charger to assure you’ll see one another again. The drama is evident but captivating none the less, the lack of a conclusion leaving a genuine feeling of suspense about the characters involved.

“Come Back” is Nwalor’s third official release, each song as emotionally evocative as the last. After gaining popularity on TikTok for his ukelele-fueled covers, Nwalor has developed and translated his raw talent into a very real music career. A unique blend of Giveon’s vocal sentimentality and Brent Faiyaz’s effortless charisma, Nwalor continues to impress and prove his potential is still expanding.

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