Jordyn Simone’s “Hideaway” Brings Y2K Nostalgia

Lara Prakash

Jordyn Simone always had singing as an integral part of her life, especially being a part of her church’s choir. Like many other artists, Simone used her time in the choir to hone her craft, leading her to make this a career.

Simone joined Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir, which began in January 2019. From there, she began releasing her own music, with her style breaking through. With singles like “Burn" (ft. NCognita) and “Drown,” Simone shared the idea of losing someone that was once a love.

These songs led to the release of “Hideaway,” the newest single by Simone. The song, released on August 2, shows the highs and lows one feels when feeling a relationship that is not working anymore. Simone writes about feeling like she cannot save anyone but herself and is now working on herself and her growth. The song is a reminder that it’s ok to focus on yourself and what is good for you.

Simone almost embodies 2000s R&B icons like Destiny’s Child or Mariah Carey through her harmonies and vocal runs but can do so by bringing her modern style to the genre. With a bassline that makes listeners want to dance and catchy hooks, Simone brings dance and energy into her work, making her stand out from more traditional R&B artists.

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