Jordan Dean Makes Gloria His Own [Concert Review]

Riley Furey

Now I’m not usually one for covers, but Jordan Dean is one of few who has been able to change my mind on that. Following in the footsteps of the great Jimi Hendrix, Jordan returned to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to cover the great Van Morrison single, Gloria.

Before listening to this, I had never heard of "Gloria," but with how passionate the live performance is, I would have assumed this was Dean’s own track. He put so much energy into his stage presence and vocal performance that at times I felt like his soul was overtaken by the band's lead singer himself. The track starts relatively slow paced, but as the band crawls towards the final note, you can audibly hear them begin to pick up steam to expel the growing energy within the room.

It’s not often a live performance and a cover excite me, but once again, opinions can change if there’s something powerful enough to turn the tides. It’s clear that Jordan is taking steps to further his career by moving to New York City and having live sessions as professionally recorded as this, and his rendition of "Gloria" was so good that I simply just had to write about it.

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