Benita Shares Scornful New Single “The Worst”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Kevin Nguyen

In the uber-competitive R&B landscape of Toronto, little is awarded without merit. From the top down, the genre is populated with soulful writers and performers who have revolutionized and sustained R&B for years on end. While she may be perceived as an up-and-comer, Benita’s dues are paid, in her native city and beyond. On her new single, titled “The Worst,” Benita reshapes her sound into a more inviting, comfortable production with subtle groove and intoxicating melodies. Never a concern is her vocal acrobatics, showcasing different styles, tones, and deliveries to exhilarating effects. A shift from the themes of her past music, “The Worst” shows another side of Benita that proves her dexterity within R&B.

"This song is a super laid back, chill love song opposed to all the dark and heavy stuff I've put out before,” Benita explains of the track. “‘The Worst’ is a cheeky way of saying 'I hate that I love you’ to someone that always seems to come around and sweep you off of your feet again even though you should be moving the other way. The chemistry you have with them never lies.”

While there are few nits to pick with the track’s sound or performance, there is one aspect that stands out the most to the artist: “The pre-hook is probably my favorite part of the song because it's literally like, ‘Oh my god, why do you always do this to me?!’ (while rolling your eyes and smiling). When producers Adrian and Thabs were making the beat, they sampled a voice note of my voice that plays throughout the song. I knew immediately this was going to be special. It's the most feel-good song and I can't wait for people to discover it.” 

Emerging from the Jane and Finch neighborhood in Toronto, Benita has been practicing the two traits most important for an artist on the rise: patience and hard work. After starting her music career performing in musicals and coffee houses, Benita joined Daniel Caesar’s choir for his 2017 Freudian Tour. From there she began crafting her own music, releasing her debut EP Scarlet in 2023 and hitting the stage for shows around Toronto. Notable opening slots for Benita come from Savannah Ré, Jesse Gold, and RAAHiiM, while she also flexes writing credits with Jon Vinyl, Tone Stith, Chxrry22, and Aqyila. With plans to release her second project in the fall of this year, Benita is poised to point R&B in her own direction.

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