Perry Avgerinos

Whether you actively enjoy scrolling on TikTok, or are like me and get sucked in for long periods of time without realizing it, you can’t deny the power the app holds. Thankfully, my algorithm isn’t all nonsense, and the app fed me a video of a powerful Amy Winehouse-esque singer/songwriter by the name of STELLA LEFTY.

STELLA LEFTY, a junior at Tulane University, newly launched her artist project with her first release – a stripped back demo, “from me to you - demo” where STELLA talks directly to a friend who passed away. Over a minimal guitar and executed with a raw soulful performance, LEFTY questions her faith, wishing it was her gone and not her friend as she copes with the feelings of losing a loved one. Not only showing her dynamic range, LEFTY shows her ability to draw from a very personal experience and turn it into a beautifully-written tribute. Although an unrefined and “untouched” first impression of a STELLA LEFTY original, the tangibles and potential are clearly there, and we can’t help but anticipate her first fully-produced single.

Currently studying abroad, STELLA LEFTY looks to continue writing original music and grow her social following with her soulful TikTok covers while finishing up her degree. LEFTY is quickly becoming one to keep an eye in 2022 and 2023. Listen to “from me to you - demo” below:

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