Justin Bieber Plays “Peaches” with Classroom Instruments on 'The Tonight Show'

Rachel Guttman

Justin Bieber was a guest on The Roots and Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, on Monday night, where he played his recent hit song, “Peaches” for viewers for a revamped run, utilizing classroom instruments. Bieber played the melody as he sang the lyrics – but with plastic buckets and cowbells. He shook a number of toy percussion instruments and let Jimmy Fallon sing the second verse.

In this creative and innovative display, Bieber collaborated with Fallon and The Roots perfectly. The Roots even ripped up sheets of paper to perform Bieber’s song and ended it with kazoos and a coordinated popping of paper bags. Watch Justin Bieber’s colorful and original display of “Peaches” on The Tonight Show below:

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