Justin Bieber, Maluma, And More Are Teaming Up with Bill Nye for 'Earth Day' the Musical

Rachel Guttman

Bill Nye has called on celebrities; Justin Bieber, Maluma, and more to create Earth Day, a musical with goals of raising awareness about climate change. The musical will be featured on Facebook Watch and has been brought about in partnership with EarthDay.org. Earth Day will feature Bill Nye, the science educator, in collaboration with Justin Bieber and other celebrities as they share with viewers ways to help restore the planet. In addition, Bill Nye has also brought on climate activists to help spread this important message. The musical will feature activists; Alexia Akbay, Jerome Foster II, and Xiye Bastida. These young activists have continuously been making impacts around the world.

Other artists who will be featured in Earth Day will include Cody Simpson, Idina Menzel, Zac Efron, Desus Nice, Tori Kelly, Steve Aoki, Ben Platt, Jack Harlow, and more. Yesterday, April 19th, Maluma released the anthem for the musical entitled “Rumba (Puro Oro Anthem),” recorded in partnership with Michelob Ultra Pure Gold. This is Michelob’s first organic lager, which is brewed with renewable electricity from solar power.

In addition to Earth Day! The Musical, Facebook will also be presenting its #RestoreOurEarthChallenge, which will call upon individuals around the globe to post on social media featuring steps they are taking on their own to fight climate change. Earth Day! The Musical will be aired on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 at noon ET, and can be viewed on Facebook Watch!

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