kate the dreamer Takes Us Into Her Unique Sonic World With “Plastic Heart”

Ian Hansen

In March, I was at Madame Siam for Breaking Sound’s show they threw in Los Angeles, and I happened to stumble across the emerging indie-pop star, kate the dreamer. It took one song for her to perform for me to realize that she has longevity.

The Los Angeles singer continues her consistent run, as she just released her recent two-tracks, “Plastic Heart” parts one and two. “Plastic Heart” follows her viral 2022 track, “familiar feeling” and her recent release, “bad butterflies.”

The two parts represent her struggles and how she overcame them. The first represents the struggles of vulnerability, while the second is a lush instrumental that builds to the end, representing her letting go and “stepping into her truest form.”

Sonically, part one has a fantastic juxtaposition of mellow vocals on top of brash basslines, punchy drum breaks, and a distorted guitar loop that adds meshes together for an absolute grand listening experience. kate the dreamer is in her own lane and can’t be stopped from going to the top.

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