Khamari Comes Through With Charming Single, “Tell Me”

Ian Hansen

If there is anybody who stands out as a natural instrumentalist and musician, it's LA-based songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer, Khamari. His recent single, “Tell Me” takes us through every aspect of what makes him so versatile and masterful at his craft.

What can’t he do? Since middle school, he has learned violin, piano, flute, french horn, and basically any instrument you can think of. Oh yeah, the dude can sing his heart out. After releasing his successful EP, El Dorado, in 2020, he has released a few singles in the last couple of years, and this recent one seems to be Khamari mastering his craft.

The layers in the instrumentals are so well crafted, highlighting romantic guitars sprinkled with ambient pads in the background. Vocally, he shines, as I hear his Frank Ocean inspiration throughout. The way he holds each note to perfection showcases why Khamari will continue to push boundaries and be put on a pedestal as one of R&B’s top talents soon.

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