Katie Tupper Shares Soulful Reflections on Her Latest EP, 'Where To Find Me' [EP Review]

Olive Soki
Credit: Thomas van der Zaag

Neo-Soul, like many other contemporary genres, cannot be contained within strict boundaries. Of course, there are some qualities one can expect, like: subtly pristine vocal performances, jazz compositions accentuated by hints of RnB, or Hip Hop, and poignant lyricism. However, what really sets Neo-Soul artists apart is that “soul” component, the ease and mystic that turns a passive listen to an immersive experience -  something Saskatoon's Katie Tupper has achieved brilliantly with her latest EP Where To Find Me.

In constant rapport with the outside world and herself, Where To Find Me, sees Katie comfortably exhibit transparency with a firm sense of self assurance. Whether she’s admiring the little things that amalgamate into abundant love, or finding peace in spite of unrequited feelings, she does so with a steady hand and soulful delivery. 

Never rushing past moments of uneasiness, she faces each experience and subsequent emotions head on. Grounding both herself and her listeners throughout this journey, her lush and stirring vocals serve as a backbone to the EP. This control, coupled with her lyricism, allows for a mournful track like “Woman No” to shine as an encouraging message to her younger self, and a stellar deep-cut, like “All Of Me,” to immerse you into the deepest corners of her mind.

Contemplative and sultry, Where To Find Me gracefully paints a razor focused portrait of Katie’s past, present, and future: one deserving of your utmost care and attention.

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