Natalie Pays Homage to Saratoga with EP ‘Track Season’ [EP Review]

Samantha DeCarlo

Living in New York, 23 year old Natalie Wilson enters the independent music scene by releasing her EP Track Season. Her unique instrumentation of soft rock blended with psychedelic production makes for undeniable soothing hits. From May to August of 2022, Natalie crafted a collection of five songs. This particular period, known as "Track Season," coincided with the vibrant schedule of the Saratoga Race Course, which greatly influenced the title of her EP. To pay homage to Saratoga, the EP starts with an evocative trumpet sound recorded directly from the race course, creating a perfect tribute

"Something To You" went viral on TikTok as an "underrated song of the day." This track was written on the piano and is in sum about being the side chick. With the lyrics, “At least I’m something to you” combined with a crazy guitar riff towards the end of the track, the song was bound to take off. She mentions her strong suit is creating lyrics and melodies, but struggled when it came to production. Once she found a producer to work with she found it much easier to identify her sound.

I asked Natalie what her personal favorite song was from the EP and she mentioned it is “Medusa” due to its length and piano composition. I personally found “Secret,”  one of the more lowkey tracks, as one of my favorites along with “Love Dies Harder.” Ultimately, Natalie wants listeners to resonate with the raw emotion she embodies through her music. She hopes that her distinct sound leaves a lasting impression, compelling fans to return for more. 

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