Who Is míra?

Riley Furey

There has been some early buzz surrounding Georgia native míra, so I figured there was no better time than the present to introduce you to him by reviewing his new EP Clementine.

míra’s music is still extremely raw, but you can see heavy glimpses of the talent that is already there – along with the greatness that is possible to come in the future. He is already drawing early comparisons to artists like Dijon, and I personally see an artist who has the possibility to step into the early Dominic Fike mold.

The opening single "pinch me" of his EP showcases his influences in a raw exposition, and the project just gets better with every single note. His guitar playing is stunning on "for the first time (interlude)." and the production is stellar across the whole project. We start to see the Dijon influence on "untitled," and as the tracks crawl by I can almost see his potential growing as an artist.

I feel like I was meant to compulsively listen to this project as the clock strikes 3am on a late work night, and I hope that I caught even a fraction of the magic that was showcased on this project.

It’s funny writing an article about an artist that you are actively discovering yourself, but something compelled me to get this stream of consciousness into writing. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard from míra so far, and I truly don’t think we have seen anything close to what he’s capable of yet.

Final Opinion: míra is still an extremely raw artist, but I have little doubt that he will make some heavy waves in this industry. The project feels like you’re on the journey with a young musician finding themselves both internally and sonically, and there is just something so special about that emotion that clocks this EP as a must listen.

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