Teezo Touchdown Requests Assistance on “Handyman”

Freddie Fine

The world of Teezo Touchdown has no bounds. He does what he wants, how he wants, and I absolutely love it. His latest installment of this is “Handyman,” the most Teezo way imaginable to explore heartbreak.

Teezo utilizes imagery of construction materials, such as a toolbox, hammer, nails, and more, as he sings, “Mr. Handyman / You can fix anything / I’m broken / I need more than glue.” He is reaching out to Mr. Handyman, openly confessing that he needs assistance to get through this tough time in his life. He addresses how despite his appearance being “tough” (as nails), there is much more than meets the eye.

Speaking on the track, Teezo said, “There's going to be a lot [of] hammer slangin', pipe laying, and deep drilling,” and that’s just about the best way to describe it. From the melancholic lows of the verses to the passionate outcries of the hook, Teezo is able to harness his voice unlike ever before. Kenny Beats contributes on the production, delivering a lovely acoustic guitar instrumental over the jingling of nails.

Teezo has been teasing lots of new music this year, with snippets being posted on his Instagram while holding contests for fans to gain access to exclusive ones – I was lucky enough to listen to one, and let’s just say incredible things are on the way. Listen to “Handyman” below:

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