Kevin Holliday Fuses Funk, R&B, and Pop on New Single, “Out of Me”

Ian Hansen

One of the biggest reasons I continue coming back to Kevin Holliday’s music is because he has a clear sense of knowledge about music and his craft. His music is almost genreless because he takes all of his influences and merges it into his own sweet tunes.

The Brooklyn artist’s most recent single, “Out of Me,” is a perfect example of this. The track showcases a more vulnerable version of himself taking the audience through his experiences of a long distance relationship.

Sonically, Kevin Holliday meshes funk, R&B, and pop drawing inspirations from the likes of Frank Ocean, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder. If you like any of these artists, this track should fit exactly what you’re looking for. Kevin Holliday proves yet again how much of an authentic musician he is with his most recent single.

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