Khamari Delivers a Captivating Performance on New Single “Drifting”

Olive Soki

Having decided to commit to music full-time about five years ago, Khamari has since received a fair amount of praise — and rightfully so. Introspective songwriting, a voice smooth as butter, and that “je-ne-sais-quoi” quality sprinkled in each of his tracks accounted for Khamari's an emerging force to be reckoned with in the RnB sphere. Following the release of his previous single “Doctor my Eyes,” an introspective track following his move from Boston to Los Angeles, he offers his latest track, “Drifting,” once again cementing his star qualities.

A little more upbeat than his previous track, the first verse immediately proves “Drifting” to be a track to remember. An enticing bass-driven instrumental accompanied by memorable one liners (notably when he pairs the concept of somebody having his back to chiropractic practices) and his amazing vocals, which might as well be supercuts of Frank Ocean’s, there is a lot to grasp onto on first listen — and even more once you give it another listen.

And while I do enjoy the verses, the choruses are where everything really comes together. Embellished by an accompanying string arrangement, he breaks his previously steady vocals delivering a soaring and emotive performance on the pre-chorus “visions of a brief nirvana…” The remainder of the chorus slowly washes over you. His voice, the strings, and the bass slowly take over your senses, while simultaneously pulling you closer to the source. Much like “Doctor my Eyes," ”Drifting” only goes to prove all of his previous accolades as increasingly undeniable facts.

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