Khi Infinite Seeks Direction in Latest Single "SOMETIMES"

Ian Tsang

Virginia singer, Khi Infinite, has been on a roll recently. After a streak of 2020 singles, Khi debuts his latest single “SOMETIMES” – a groovy bedroom electric, contemporary R&B song about his inner thoughts.

“Sometimes, my mind is away, I drift into space, don’t know where to go.

Sometimes, I think I’m ok, I’m feeling the same...”

Khi Infinite has a way of combining his laid back vocals with similarly off-tempo instrumentals: only one word comes to mind, vibes. Although the up-and-coming singer has yet to release an album or EP, that’s certainly something worth looking forward to. Khi’s discography is bursting with talent – a tribute to the singer on the rise, with endless music waiting to be discovered. Dive in below.

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