Koi Wants "all of that" and More in New Single

Perry Avgerinos

Quickly making a name for himself in the Hip-Hop community, LA-based Koi greets 2021 with his bouncy piano-trap heater, "all of that."

The Alabama-native has been putting out catching singles since 2018, with two breakouts, "Ysl" and "beverly" hitting over a million streams on Spotify in 2020. Just as Koi is on the cusp of leveling up his career, he drops "all of that," proving 2021 is going to be "big" (balenciaga-oversized). The track starts off with feel-good stabby piano pop chords, providing the backbone of the track's blissful bounce. Koi rides the trap drums, delivering his nonchalant story of accepting a girl he's into for all the baggage that comes with. In the chorus he sings:

"I want all of that,

It ain't a problem 'less you got one, girl, come through,"

I want all of that,

Everything, all that baggage ain't a problem, no problem"

The track's positive perspective of accepting someone fully for who they are is becoming more and more rare in today's era. The times are tough right now for everyone, and you never know what someone may be going through behind the mask they choose to show. If you weren't already sold on Koi for his music, get sold on him for being a good guy. But unlike what they say, we don't see Koi finishing last, he's here to stick around. Turn up your speakers for this one.

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