daydream Masi Wishes for a "Night Like This" in New Single

Ian Tsang

With a name like daydream Masi, it's hard not to expect the dreaminess to play out through trippy instrumentals and “cloud like” vocals. Fortunately, the singer delivers (as always) in his latest single “Night Like This” - a track switching as fast as the relationship the Akron based musician outlines. Staying true to his artistic ability - which normally sees him blending R&B and electric influences - Masi used stripped down acoustics to foreshadow his next big hit.

“When our funds got heavy,

The drugs got heavy

Our love got heavier too.

Now my hearts unsteady,

My palms are sweaty,

I just can’t get over you.”

As the track plays through, listeners get a taste of the signature sound coined by the rising star. Bringing a backup angelic harmony and smooth electrics, Masi displays the “daydream” sensation that is his music: it was this same unique tone that brought his talent to 2019’s 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, featuring his song “Favorite Drug.” Still young and full of potential, Masi looks to ride his wave of success into 2021.

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