KILLBOY Ventures to the Deep End on Diaristic New Single “SARA”

Kieran Kohorst

As much as vulnerability is praised in artistic expression, the challenge for an artist to access that level of emotional availability is often understated. It's not hard to hear the depths KILLBOY reaches in her music, with her latest single “SARA” being nonexempt from her catalog of explosively dramatic releases. A tribute to herself, the song bears KILLBOY’s given name as its title and was written in memory of her late father. With her loss weighing on her conscience, she trespasses into some of her most inner thoughts, coming to conclusions that prioritize self-preservation. “Sara, even if they say they understand / They don’t understand,” she admits to herself, “Don’t stop singing, Sara.”

As “SARA” proves, KILLBOY is able to get so much out of her music because of how much she puts in to it. While her emotional investment is heavy, so are her technical responsibilities: “SARA” was written, produced, recorded, mixed, and performed by KILLBOY. Though these credits are not uncommon among the rest of her discography, her workload is as impressive as it is indicative of the pride KILLBOY takes in her work. Trusting herself in her artistry has only been beneficial; as she expands this approach to her life at large, she has reason enough to depend on herself.

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