Rage, Regret, and Regrowth: The Story of KILLBOY’s “FUCK YO FRIENDS”

Audrey Brandes

Rising artist KILLBOY’s usual in-your-face, braggadocious style takes on a vulnerable edge in her latest single, “FUCK YO FRIENDS.” Featuring gently rhythmic drums and melodic guitars, KILLBOY’s vocals melt like butter as she sings about a relationship gone sour due to some outside influences. I had the chance to sit down with the singer-songwriter last week, wherein she spoke to me about the inspiration behind the track. The LA-based singer explained that the single is about a guy she was involved with who's friend’s comments and disapproval ultimately led to their demise. As she sings over the dreamy production, “Fuck yo friends, they be rollin' they eyes in the back of their heads, you be squeezin' my thighs in the back of my bed, but you act so different,” she shares a story that pulls at the heart. Laced with both regret and a sense of empowerment, KILLBOY’s track presents the dichotomy of acting like you just don’t care, but it doesn’t erase the hurt.

Faintly crooning, “Why do you care what your friends think? Your friends aren’t even cool,” KILLBOY presents a softer side, one so powerfully raw that it is mesmerizing. I’ll be honest, the track gave me goosebumps. The lyric video for “FUCK YO FRIENDS” features hazy in-and-out visuals of crowds laughing together at a party, juxtaposed with KILLBOY dancing alone. And she looks happy. The song is emblematic of self-acceptance, coming out stronger on the other side. It’s a side of KILLBOY that feels different, but utterly authentic and beautiful all the same.

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